Family of Murdered Man Call for Action on Gun Violence

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- The family of 31-year-old Bradley Owsley, the sixth person murdered in Lexington this year, is calling for some sort of action against gun violence in the wake of his death.

Laquita Sanford and the rest of her family say they’re still trying to understand why her brother, Bradley Owsley, as shot to death over the weekend.

“I just feel like all of this was uncalled for. I feel like it could have went in a different direction. My brother didn’t deserve to die. Nobody deserves to be gunned down regardless of what they’ve done wrong to anybody. I just feel like my brother should still be here with us and it’s just not fair,” said Laquita Sanford.

Owsley died at UK hospital Saturday after police found him shot in the road near the intersection of Third Street and Holbrook Court.

“Right now the owsley family needs a lot of love and a lot of prayers because it’s a hell of a struggle. Excuse my language. It’s a hell of a struggle to lose one,” said Timothy Owsley, Bradley Owsley’s uncle.

Sadly for the Owsley family this isn’t the first one they’ve lost.

Cathy Douglas, Owsley’s aunt, says her own teenage son was shot and killed in Lexington back in 2001.

“Everytime you look around. Every time you cut the tv on some youth has been killed,” said Douglas.

It’s this continual cycle of gun violence that has the owsley family fed up and demanding something be done to stop shootings like this from happening again.

“We need to come together as a community go downtown and speak with our congressmen and our mayor to get some help to get these guns out of these youths hands because if nothing’s done these killings are not going to stop. They’re going to keep continuing,” said Douglas.

Police are still looking for Owsley’s killer.

The family says they plan to bury him this weekend but are in need of help paying for the funeral.

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