Families surprised at Santa’s Winter Wonderland Workshop

Saturday, Swahili Elks Lodge and Bluegrass Temple hosted a Christmas party for seven area families

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – It all started with a letter from Santa himself.

Kimberly Tipton, from Carlisle, says she and her kids got a letter from Santa Claus inviting them to ‘Santa’s Winter Wonderland Workshop.’

“I had no idea what to expect because there wasn’t a whole lot of detail on what was going on. It was really amazing. I can’t really find words for it,” said Tipton.

Saturday, Swahili Elks Lodge #1611 and Bluegrass Temple #72 hosted the event at the Carver School in Lexington for seven area families. According to Bluegrass Temple #72 Daughter Ruler Pam Hughes, the event had a Christmas tree for each family, with presents of toys, food, and cleaning supplies wrapped festively underneath.

“We all came together Wednesday night as a group and we wrapped all these gifts together. It was not only good for them, but it was good for us,” said Hughes.

According to Swahili Elks Lodge #1611 Exalted Ruler Leonard Underwood, the families were chosen for the event through the Community Action Council.

“It just goes to show that we do work in the community…we don’t know the situations these families are in. But we got together with the Community Action Council and chose the families. All we know is names, we haven’t seen any faces yet. But we will and I’m excited to see them because they’ll be really happy,” said Underwood.

While each family was invited to the event, they were unaware of the Christmas trees surrounded with gifts for them. Hughes says the gifts were curated based on each family’s wish list.

“I can’t wait to see the look in the kids’ eyes. You know that Christmas look? I can’t wait to see that look as they see their Christmas tree,” said Hughes.

According to Tipton, it’ll be a Christmas her children will always remember.

“Just like everybody else you have your struggles and all that. This right here, it’s made me know that Christmas is going to be fine. Everything’s going to work out just fine and dandy. And this is a memory not just I’ll remember, but my girls will remember,” said Tipton.

The event included games for the kids and food was served. According to Hughes, an additional five families, who could not attend Santa’s Winter Wonderland Workshop, also received presents.

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