Families Remember Tuskegee Airmen On M.L.K. Day

Hundreds of people were at the Kentucky Theatre on Martin Luther King Day, to watch a movie about the Tuskegee Airmen and their struggles with racism.

"Red Tails" was shown, which told the story of an all-black squadron of pilots in World War II.

Annette Mayer with the One World Film Festival said, "They weren’t given real meaningful assignments. Mostly, they escorted bombers during World War II, even though these men were highly competent in what they were doing."

The free showing was put on by the One World Film Festival in Lexington, which shows cultural movies.

For the last seven years, it has shown movies highlighting racism and discrimination on Martin Luther King Day.

Last year, "The Butler" was shown, with a crowd of more than 800 people on hand to watch.

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