Families of Denholm Victims React To Guilty Plea

The families of the victims killed by Matthew Denholm have been visible and active through the entire court process. Thursday was no exception when Denholm plead guilty to killing them.

"It doesn’t fix anything but it does bring some sort of closure,” said Mark Flower, father of Zackary Flower, who Denholm admitted to killing in 2011.

"You know, for many times we’ve came up here and stood around and things get pushed off, you know it was hard to do that and it was getting aggravating. But you know, today was finally something we’d looked forward to even though it wasn’t…. we wanted more to be done but we’re satisfied right at this moment,” said Gregory Todd, father of Sonsaray Warford, a victim in 2010.

There was an apprehensive sense of closure and satisfaction after a guilty plea from accused killer Matthew Denholm.

Parents of Denholm’s victims, Sonsaray Warford and Charles Walker from 2010 and Zackary Flower in 2011, have been present through it all.

"You know, it’s for them, we’re here for them,” said Todd.

"To know that you followed it through until it was completed,” said Mark Flower.

Now they wait for a sentence they hope fits the crimes Denholm plead guilty to.

"I’m grateful that he pleaded guilty to the horrendous crimes that were done to my son as well as others,” said Flower’s mother.

"What’s next for us is we come up here for the sentencing and hope everything still goes as planned as it was today and we just continue to stick together as a family,” said Todd.

There are other people involved in these cases. Two other men, LeBruce Ellington and Daniel Keene face charges in connection to the murders of Walker and Warford.

There are three other defendants in the Zackary Flower murder, Ryan Denholm, Sherry Bratten, and Randall Burgess Jr.

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