Fake Ebola Fliers in Franklin County

There have been no cases of Ebola in Kentucky but fear of the disease is being felt particularly strong in Franklin County after a flier showed up in neighborhood.

State health officials call the flier a fake.  

The flier has the logo for the Centers for Disease Control, so it looks official, but the State Cabinet for Health and Human Services says it is bogus and calls the flier a bad prank.

Health officials said the flier has the wrong information on how Ebola spreads and how the government is responding.

The flier was found in the Meadowview area in Frankfort sometime Thursday.

State health officials said they are not handing out any Ebola fliers in neighborhoods.

They said the state is working to make sure hospitals, local health departments and health providers are ready if any cases appear.

They said the flier is creating unnecessary fear.

“They could create just panic,” said Dr. Stephanie Mayfield Gibson, state commissioner for public health.  “We want people to be concerned; that raises our level of education about a subject matter and we want people to be educated correctly.”
The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is looking into possible charges for whoever made the flier.

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