Faculty and Staff Share Budget Concerns, Ideas

No one wants to lose their job and no one wants any programs to be cut but the reality is something has to give because Fayette County Public Schools has to cut millions from its budget by May.

Tuesday night was the second of two public forums on what to do.

The first one was packed; the second was full mostly of teachers.

Fayette County Public Schools has to reduce its budget by five percent, that’s more than $20 million dollars.

Faculty and staff at Tuesday forum had plenty of ideas on how to trim the budget but their biggest concern was that the students don’t suffer.

Superintendent Tom Shelton says across the board cuts are not an option.  He said the county isn’t broke but it could be in the next few years which is why the budget is being looked at now.

“We work for the community to serve the kids of the community so it’s important for us to hear what others have to say about this and not that we have all the answers,” said Shelton.

Faculty was also concerned all of this is done too late.

Shelton said he still doesn’t know how or where the cuts will be made.

Once collected, everything shared at Tuesday public forum will be posted here

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