EXCLUSIVE: C. Wesley Morgan on the deadly home invasion that changed his life forever

The former state lawmaker from Madison County doesn't hold back when talking about the man accused of killing his daughter

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – An R-V is the temporary home these days for former state lawmaker C. Wesley Morgan and his family.

“This really helps the soul, it really does,” said Morgan.

The spot is hidden and far from his last home in Madison County.  But that house, that place, resembles nothing of comfort, just horror.

“My wife and my daughter haven’t spent one night at that house since this happened because they’re traumatized, they can’t,” said Morgan.

It has been almost three months since police say Shannon Gilday, from northern Kentucky, broke into the Morgan’s upstairs window and shot and killed Morgan’s oldest daughter as she slept.

“He walked right up on top of her and shot her six or seven times in the back.  I mean, what a piece of dog crap this guy is,” Morgan said.

He says he’s not surprised Gilday’s attorney seems to be leaning toward an insanity plea.  Those words make Morgan’s blood boil.

“I knew it was coming.  It started the very next day when his (Gilday) mother said he was having psychological problems.  If he had, why didn’t they call somebody?  It’s all bull and it’s an excuse to keep him out of the death penalty,” Morgan said.

On Thursday, Gilday is scheduled to be arraigned in Madison Circuit Court in Richmond in connection to the shooting death of Morgan’s first-born and taking Morgan and his family’s life.

“I want to look him in the eye and sit there and stare at him.  I want him to know you ain’t got no life,” said Morgan.

Some say closure doesn’t happen in a courtroom.  Morgan says he won’t miss a court hearing for Gilday, but he will continue to miss his daughter.

“The only way for this to go away for me is for me to die.  He’s basically killed me anyway because he killed everything about my life and God, thank you and praise Him for allowing Sydney and Lindsay to survive, but Jordan is my first-born,” Morgan said.


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