Exantus Trial Day 4: Former Co-workers testify on behalf of Ronald Exantus

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Wednesday was day four of the Ronald Exantus trial.

Exantus is charged with the 2015 murder of six-year-old Logan Tipton of Versialles.

On Wednesday jurors heard from several witnesses, including old colleagues of Exantus’.

Much of the testimony heard by jurors focused on Exantus’ access to drugs back when he was a nurse and what drugs may or may not have been in his system at the time of the murder.

“At least in the hospital I worked in, okay, the only drugs he had access to were iron, sometimes an antibiotic and heparin which is a blood thinner,” said Dr. Agnes Schrader, Exantus’ former supervisor.

In court Wednesday, former colleagues of Exantus’ from when he was a registered nurse in Indianapolis, took the stand for the defense, testifying Exantus was an exemplary employee with no record of a drug problem.

“I received no complaints during my time as Ron’s manager for any purposes, only praises and requests for him to be the one to go to their hospital,” said James Murphy, Exantus’ former supervisor.

But the prosecution is arguing that’s not who Exantus really was , instead saying Exantus regularly used drugs.

Drugs play an important role in this case because the prosecution is arguing it was that mix of marijuana and synthetic drugs Exantus was on at the time he drove to Versailles and is what caused him to stabbed Logan Tipton to death.

But the defense is arguing Exantus was not under the influence of drugs but instead say mental illness caused him to go insane.

Back in 2015, police recovered a small amount of what looked like marijuana in Exantus’ car and sent it off for testing.

On Wednesday the scientist who tested that sample read the results to the jury.

The judge says he believes the defense will wrap up their case Thursday and expects the jury will hear closing statements Monday.

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