Ex-officer acquitted in death wants to return; chief says no

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – A former Kentucky police officer once fired and acquitted of murder has applied to work with the department again, but the chief says it isn’t going to happen.

Louisville narcotics detective McKenzie Mattingly shot and killed 19-year-old Michael Newby in 2004 during an undercover drug sting. He was charged with murder and lesser charges, but a jury later acquitted him of all counts.

The incident sparked controversy, in part, because Mattingly is white and Newby was black. Mattingly was fired by the police department and was later hired by Bardstown Police.

This week, local media outlets reported Mattingly applied to return to the Louisville force.

Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad issued a statement Thursday saying he “will never consider hiring Mr. Mattingly for any position” with the department.

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