Former Kentucky governor accused of sexual misconduct

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – State Democrats are calling on a former Kentucky Governor to resign his current office as State Senator. This comes after a Spectrum news investigation that reveals Senator Julian Carroll is accused of groping and propositioning a man.

Spectrum news reports more than a decade ago a Frankfort photographer named Jason Geis wanted to go to art school. He told Spectrum Carroll took an interest in his work and promised to help him, but wanted something in return. The Senate Democratic Caucus called for Senator Carroll to resign, and stripped him of his leadership role as Minority Whip.

The Republican Party of Kentucky’s Communication Director, Tres
Watson, called the allegations very troubling. Watson also believes Carroll took advantage of his notoriety.

“Who knew about this, who gave the orders on how to investigate it when to investigate it, when to ask questions and ultimately was any pressure brought to bare not to prosecute. I think a new investigation needs to be launched, not just into the Senators actions but into any sort of cover up that’s in place.”

We tried reaching out to Democrats Carroll worked with and none of them got back to us, but the Kentucky Democratic Party released a statement saying they were “terribly concerned” by the allegations. They said “While we acknowledge and greatly appreciate senator Carroll’s life-long career of public service, we cannot overlook the severity of these allegations and take them seriously.”

“That’s absolutely 100% wrong absolutely unacceptable, especially from a public figure, and especially from a State Senator or current elected official. We agree with what the Senate Democrats did in asking him to resign and we hope that this young mans allegations will finally be taken seriously which doesn’t appear that they were back in 2005.”

Going forward, both parties agree there should be a full investigation and determine whether or not Frankfort politicians used their influence to alter the path of the investigation in the aftermath. According to Spectrum news, Senator Carroll has denied the allegations of sexual misconduct.

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