Ethan’s Rescue Report: Helping shelter animals

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – It takes most of us a long time to figure out our purpose.

A Frankfort 8-year-old already knows his and he’s already experienced failure too but he is not deterred, in fact, he’s using social media to pursue his passion.

“Hello and welcome to the Rescue Report,” you may remember Ethan Branscum.

For the last two years, he’s been trying to get state lawmakers to make shelter pets, the official pet of Kentucky.

“We have an exciting edition this week,” Branscum said.

He hasn’t been successful yet but he’s finding another way to spread his message, with a Facebook show he started with just a little help from his mom.

“I thought it could help bring awareness to some of these rescue animal’s issues,” Branscum said.

On his very first episode, he interviewed another Ethan, the dog who made national headlines after someone left him in the parking lot of the Kentucky Humane Society in January.

“That was actually very fun. I was honored,” Branscum said.

Branscum wants to get more people to adopt shelter animals, but only if they truly can.

“If you just absolutely rush in, you might have to bring that animal back because you can’t take care of them because you won’t be prepared for owning that animal,” Branscum said.

Every week, he’s highlighting different shelter animals.

First up, the magnificent Mabel, “She has been there for half of her life. She’s very playful she likes to walk and be able to run,” Branscum said.

Mabel has been at the Franklin County Humane Society for a year and a half. She’s not a fan of cats and smaller animals but she loves people.

He says this show could match shelter animals, like Mabel, with their forever home.

“Remember peace, love, adopt,” Branscum said.

You can find his show on Facebook, Ethan’s Rescue Pet Project.

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