Ethan, family ‘frustrated’ after lack of action on animal cruelty bill

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) — Ethan and his family are “frustrated” and “completely and utterly [disappointed]” after a lack of action on an animal cruelty bill championed by the pair this legislative session.

In a post on the EthanAlmighty Facebook page, a site dedicated to following the journey of a dog that was abused and neglected and saved by the Kentucky Humane Society, Jeff, Ethan’s adoptive dad, expressed his “frustration” with Kentucky lawmakers, and specifically Sen. Damon Thayer, for not bringing House Bill 103 to the Senate floor.

HB 103 would have created stricter definitions of what classifies as animal abuse in Kentucky and would have increased penalties for those charged with animal abuse.

EthanAlmighty’s post called out lawmakers directly for “not caring” during the “whole” process.

“We are asked as observers to remain quiet and respectful while watching the sessions. I heard the term ‘decorum’ mentioned several times by the Senate President. But yet the lawmakers themselves are very seldom paying attention. I think they forget that the gallery is above them. And we can see straight down onto them. I can see them reading the paper, doing a crossword puzzle, looking at emails or even playing games on their phone. That’s only when they’re not talking amongst themselves while someone else is speaking. All this while the session is gaveled in. Or maybe more correctly, they just don’t care. So completely and utterly disappointing,” the post said.

“And then, for one person, Damon Thayer, the majority floor leader, to have the ability, the power and the desire to not call a bill because of personal issues with the bill or others is incomprehensible. This bill has the votes to pass. Stop playing games and horse trading with things that cost the lives of dogs and cats in Kentucky,” it continued.

HB 103 overwhelmingly passed in the House by a 92-6 vote.

The post thanked specific lawmakers, like Rep. Ryan Dotson and Rep. Chris Freeland, and the members of the House who voted for the bill to pass.

“We will move on and move forward,” the post said. “Please do something kind for someone today.”

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