Eric Conn reaches plea agreement, will plead guilty to three felony charges

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Disgraced lawyer Eric Conn has reached a plea agreement in the case involving his escape and social security fraud scheme.

In court, a disheveled-looking Conn agreed to plead guilty to three felony charges carrying up to 15 years in prison, in exchange the U.S. drop the other cases against him.

Conn pleaded guilty to a fraud, escape and retaliation charge, each with a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

He also agreed to pay more than $73-million in restitution to the Social Security Administration.

For that, the U.S. agreed to drop all other charges against Conn which combined carried a maximum sentence of more than 250 years in prison.

Conn’s lawyer says Conn is content with the agreement.

“Gosh, when you consider what it could have been had he gone to trial, had he lost the trial. With all these pending charges it could have been a whole lot worse. So I think that’s the reason he went this route,” said Willis Coffey, Conn’s lawyer.

Conn’s official sentencing will be September seventh.

If he is sentenced to the maximum 15 years, it would be added on the the 12 years he is already serving, for a total of 27 years behind bars.

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