Ending Domestic Violence Homicides Starts With Finding Data

For the first time Attorney General Jack Conway put together a committee to study domestic violence related deaths statewide. 

Conway’s committee found In Kentucky there were 35 domestic violence related homicides in  2010.  The committee concluded domestic violence related homicides are preventable, yet the number of domestic violence related homicides has not decreased over the last few years.

Conway’s committee found in 2010 about half of the homicides took place in a couple’s home. In more than half, a gun was used.  What can the state do about those stats?  UK Professor and domestic violence expert Dr. TK Logan offers some suggestions.

"If there’s a protective order should guns be removed from offenders if they have a protective order against them, or if there’s a misdemeanor domestic violence charge should guns be confiscated," said Dr. Logan.

Conway asked Logan to join the committee.  She found In about 75% of the homicides, there was never prior activity in civil, or criminal justice.

"How are we encouraging or discouraging women to reach out to the civil or criminal justice system so do they know their options are we getting that message out," asked Logan.

She would like to see more women receiving emergency protective and domestic violence court orders.  Conway says Kentucky is one of the few states that does not allow a dating partner to get a protective order.  House democrats say it will be a top priority next year to extend coverage to victims who are dating.

"I support that.  I’m on record as having supported that bill in the last session of the general assembly.  I continue to support it," said Conway.

Conway is asking for a federal grant so the committee can continue to study domestic violence related homicides.

Logan and Conway say the key to coming up with solutions will be continuing to collect data. 

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