EMS funding bill advances to Senate

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – A bill that would allow Kentucky’s struggling emergency medical services statewide to benefit from enhanced federal Medicaid payments for ground ambulance runs has passed the Kentucky House.

House Bill 8 primary cosponsor Rep. Rob Rothenburger, R-Shelbyville, said the legislation is the result of over three years of work with the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association and Kentucky Medicaid office. The bill—of which Rep. Mark Hart, R-Falmouth, is also a primary cosponsor—would enable EMS services to assess a fee that would be used to enhance Medicaid payments for ambulance runs.

“By assessing those EMS services and by working cooperatively with the state Medicaid office, Kentucky like many other states can take full advantage of the federal government’s enhanced Medicaid payment program and realize thousands of additional dollars through their EMS service so that we can continue to deliver emergency medical care to the sick and injured throughout the Commonwealth,” said Rothenburger.

The legislation is expected to result in thousands, “if not millions,” of additional dollars for Kentucky based on experiences in states like Tennessee, which Rothenburger said has had similar legislation in place for about four years.

Tennessee “has realized millions of dollars” under its legislative model, said Rothenburger.

HB 8 passed the House 91-0 and now goes to the Senate.

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