Elkhorn Crossing engineering students present final projects

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) -Every year the Elkhorn Crossing Career and Technical School does a Junior and Senior final engineering presentation, where students in engineering can show off the products they have made to some local engineers in the community.

But with the pandemic forcing schools to go virtual in the fall…it added an extra challenge to the students in the field.

“With engineering it’s all hands on applications and even though we can do some things you know when we were virtual we were able to do some calculations and show certain things, it’s still not the same with them actually doing the application and applying themselves and seeing it hands on” said Assistant Engineer Teacher, Susan Von Behren.

Von Behren says that even though the year was tough…the students persevered, eventually returning to in person classes.

“To come back and be able to get their projects even completed within a very minimal time is just really special to see.”

Projects ranged from a mass production of Yo Yo’s, a Lincoln Log cabin built by a robot and a robotic arm to video game production and propane gas sensors.

Junior Hayden Eblen was the only student to stay virtual this year due to health reasons…returning to the school for the first time since March, Wednesday night.

He created a Super Mario inspired video game from home.

“I couldn’t do a project that everyone else was doing so I had to pick my own thing and that ended up being a game to develop” said Eblen.

And it of course was an unexpected year for the seniors, Emily Spencer, whose group created a propane gas sensor, says group projects like this were harder because of the pandemic.

“One of my team members was virtual while me and another team member were in the lab so communication was hard” said Spencer.

And even though they were worried the project wouldn’t turn out how they wanted, the students pushed through to success.

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