Electrical Shortage Sparks Fire at Government Center

Update:  The City of Lexington announced Monday evening that a decision would be made Tuesday morning whether the Government Center would reopen in the morning and whether employees should report to work in the building.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Government Center is closed today after a late night fire.

The smell of smoke filled the air of the entire block of East Main Street Sunday evening. That smell was coming from a fire at the Government Center parking garage.

The Lexington fire department responded with around eight of their engines around 11:30 Sunday evening.

The fire started on the first floor of the parking lot. Fire crews say an electrical shortage is to blame. Surveillance cameras actually captured the beginning of the spark, prompting security to call for help.

Fire crews also called Kentucky Utilities to shut off the building’s generator and power so that they could put out the fire. Major Matt Galati tells ABC36 that there was minor smoke damage to the garage and the mayor’s office.

"When you have an electrical fire, it has a distinct odor," said Major Galati. "A lot of that is the insulation, plastic insulation that’s on the wiring. At one point we did have a significant amount of smoke that was coming out of the building. It was quite impressive to look at for those that passed by, but we got it taken care pretty quickly".

No injuries have been reported. This is the same garage that houses the city’s fleet. ABC 36 was told none of those vehicles were damaged in the fire.

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