Elderly woman takes joy ride

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A joy ride full of just that, nothing but joy.

Imogene Williams is a 94-year-old with a spark for life’s simple things.

Live a Dream is a program directed towards residents, it gives them an opportunity to follow one of their passions.

Life Enrichment Director for Willow at Hamburg, Rebekah Deckett said this program makes life meaningful for their residents.

She said people think because if you’re older it means you can’t have as much fun, Sunday Williams proved that statement wrong, getting back on a motorcycle.

“There’s been motorcycle rides, we’ve had hot air balloons, we’ve gone to throwing the first pitch like we try to whatever their dream is we try to make that happen as best as we can,” Deckett said.

Williams was selected this time, choosing an activity she remembers from when she lived in Thailand.

Her niece Rhonda Norby said her aunt has always been fiercely independent.

“So many things that she’s done in her life including being a missionary in Thailand for over 40 years. As part of that she got around a lot by horseback and by motorcycle and she was reminiscing one day about wanting to do some things one more time one of which riding a motorcycle,” Norby said.

Williams got to ride all around Lexington on Sunday.

She said it was a little more uncomfortable than she remembered and a little more hot than she expected but horse country is horse country.

“Oh horses…So I’m afraid to say, I’d really like to ride a horse again,” Williams said.

Already looking for her next adventure.

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