Elderly Woman Believes She May Have Been Sexually Assaulted as She Slept

According to Winchester police, a 74-year-old woman awoke to find a man standing next to her face with his pants down.

She told officers she then yelled for her grandson and ran to the kitchen, but the man reportedly followed her.

They said Ina Mason’s neighbor found her trembling and very upset as he returned home to his apartment.

During an investigation, officers said they found 22-year-old Travis Asher’s wallet outside of Mason’s bedroom door.

According to police, Mason’s grandson, Eric, had left the home during the alleged rape attempt. Before he left, he had reportedly told Asher to stay outside of the apartment until he returned.

Asher was charged with rape and lodged in the Clark County Detention Center.

A bond hearing is scheduled for Wednesday at 1pm.

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