Elderly Man Attacked and Robbed in Broad Daylight

A robbery and attack in broad daylight sent an elderly Georgetown man to the hospital according to police.
Police call it a random crime.

They say at 10:30 Thursday morning an elderly man was in his front yard, building a new mailbox when they say he was attacked and robbed.

Robert Tucker was arrested for robbing Clarence ‘Lucky’ Stamps.

Neighbors said Tucker beat stamps with a rock and threatening to kill him with a bigger rock if Stamps didn’t hand over money.

Police said with a few stitches Stamps is going to be OK.

Police dogs followed the scent from Stamps’ front yard to a nearby apartment complex where police found Stamps’ wallet in Tucker’s apartment.

Only a hour and a half passed from the time the attack happened to when Tucker was arrested.

Georgetown Police applaud officers and the community for the quick action.

“Couldn’t believe it was happening,” said Angie Gray, a neighbor who called 911.  “First of all it was 10:30 in the morning, this is a neighborhood where people are always, somebody’s always outside but stuff happens everywhere nowadays.”
Police believe Tucker was trying to get money for drugs.
Officers also said a purse was found in Tucker’s apartment they believe may be from another robbery in the same neighborhood.

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