EKU students march for domestic violence victims

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ)-EKU students are marching to raise awareness about domestic violence. It’s a crime that affects one in four women and one in seven men according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Cassidy Jewell, President of the EKU Student Social Work Association says, “It’s actually really common. Some of my friends have family members that have happened to, even in my family, some of my friends have gone through that situation. So it’s really a personal issue for me.”

They’re marching to a fundraiser for Hopes Wing’s, a local shelter that helped get Shannon Antonchak out of a tough situation with a new boyfriend.

She says, “Within a matter of a couple of weeks I went from being a girlfriend to becoming a hostage.”

After weeks of abuse Shannon felt there was no way out.

“He would yell and cuss and verbally abuse me, push me shove me. And then of course he had the knife that he would either put over my heart and threaten to stab my heart or put it against my throat and threaten to slash my throat or cut my wrists.”

But she says finding “Hope’s Wings” saved her life.

Every October the non-profit pays tribute the Kentuckians who have died at the hands of domestic violence. This year we’ve lost 33.

Jennifer Lainhart, Executive Director of Hope’s Wings says, “last year there was 27 so there’s a little more. i think the year before there was 25. so it seems to be a number that’s growing a little bit, which is concerning because that means that we have so much more work to do.”

And the students keep marching on with the hope that people know they’re in this together.

Cassidy Jewell says, “We are trying to actively make a difference. Even though we are young college students we care about situations like this. And that if they are maybe or they know somebody who’s going for it or they’re going through it themselves they’re aware that there’s a place to get help and you don’t have to feel alone.”

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