EKU prepares for $25 million budget cut

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ)- Eastern Kentucky University is warning students and staff of major cuts to come if the current state budget proposal makes it through Frankfort.

Officials at EKU are not getting too specific yet on what exactly will be cut but say with an estimated $25 million budget cut, students and staff need to prepare for a big shake up.

In a campus-wide letter sent out by EKU president Mike Benson, he describes the “serious budget scenario” for the university, saying the potential $25 million budget cut will force the college to cut hundreds of staff positions and end dozens of programs.

Some of the programs on the chopping block include the entire Danville Regional Campus which the president says may have to be shut down all together, also funding for athletics which the presidents says may lead to the elimination of one or two “non-revenue-generating sports teams”.

To try and off set the cuts the president is also recommending increasing the number of online programs the university offers saying that could help generate more revenue.

One thing that won’t generate more revenue is an increase in tuition.

Earlier this year, President Benson announced EKU would not be raising tuition for students next school year.

These cuts are still very much dependent on the state budget lawmakers are expected to pass this session, so it is possible these cuts could change in the coming weeks as lawmakers finalize the budget.

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