EKU Athletics Announces Facilities Upgrades; Could Changes Be More Than Cosmetic?

Eastern Kentucky University announces a $15 million upgrade for Roy Kidd Stadium.  The changes were made possible after the Athletics Department received its largest ever donation. 

In one sentence, EKU President Michael Benson explained his job.

"It’s to give you every opportunity to be successful," said Benson. 

Benson spoke to the whole football team Tuesday afternoon before they practiced. 

He told them about the upgrades, and they reacted with a round of applause.

The bleachers on the away team’s side will morph into a whole new grandstand.  The structure will also house new EKU football locker rooms.

"Definitely excited for that.  It’ll be my senior year, so I’ll get to taste it a little bit, but it’s definitely, EKU is on the rise, is what that means to me," said Sophomore Wide Receiver Devin Borders. 

In the upgrades the football coaches get new offices, and the university benefits with new classrooms and a cafe.

"it’s not just about football, but from a football standpoint it’s incredible, because it’s going to help us in recruiting.  It’s gonna make life a lot easier," said EKU Head Coach Dean Hood.

The changes make EKU more attractive, to recruits and possibly other conferences.

"Making a move to FBS, if that’s in our future, is like getting married.  You have to be asked.  So, all you can do is prepare yourself and get better," said Benson, "But the invitation has to come from a conference, and we haven’t received one."

Benson says EKU was in talks with the Sun Belt Conference, but the Sun Belt ultimately decided not to expand.

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