Education leaders discuss plan to improve teacher shortage in Kentucky

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Education was at the forefront of discussion at the State capital Monday with Governor Andy Beshear, and the Coalition to Sustain The Education Profession.

Many local education leaders discussed the ways they are trying to further improve education in the state with new recommendations for the recruitment and retention of teachers.

Some of those Recommendations include conducting an in-depth study of Ky education, addressing teacher certifications, exploring financial incentives, creating a “Be a KY teacher” portal, mandating districts to start a teacher recruitment system, and creating marketing for teacher recruitment, among others.

Governor Beshear also spoke on raising the pay for teachers. He said he wants to see 5% raises for all educators.

Fayette County Schools Superintendent Demetrus Liggins was in attendance Monday and said the teacher shortage impacts the Commonwealth as a whole, including Fayette County. He says it is up to the local leaders to do what they can to make sure teachers stay.

Superintendent Liggins says the recommendations given are going to revolutionize what they do as educators.

“I think we always had this question that every educator asked themselves as an educational leader and really ensuring that we provide an environment that is going to be very successful for teachers and for students. As Lieutenant Governor stated, the learning environment for our students is a working environment for our teachers and we want to make sure that we’re making those great environments” said Superintendent Liggins.

Joseph Carter, an 8th-grade student at Second Street School in Frankfort spoke on the importance of teachers. He says students deserve the best of the best.

“In Kentucky, we need teachers who are dedicated and qualified and who come to Kentucky to give back to the communities that raised them, and in order to do that we need to compensate them fairly. As students in Kentucky public schools we deserve the brightest and the best teachers who are also invested in our communities,” said Carter.

The discussion on the teacher shortage will continue in the House Education Committee meeting next Tuesday.

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