Eastern Kentucky University cheer teams adapt after postponement of UCA College Cheer Nationals

RICHMOND, Ky.( ABC 36) With the postponement of the UCA College Cheer Nationals, teams across the country are adjusting differently.

“It’s been very crazy but I think we’re doing a very good job at adapting to everything that going on” said Co-Ed Head Coach for the Eastern Kentucky University cheer, Tristan Hawk.

But practice makes perfect. The co-ed and all girls cheer teams at EKU say the extra-time before they can compete, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“We have a younger team this year and it’s kind of liked helped them grow physically and mentally, I think. And with everything going on it is really different and even our vets don’t know what to expect so just kind of guiding them and helping them grow” added Hawk.

Hawk says that even though the postponement is to their advantage, it isn’t always easy.

“It’s definitely been trying. There have been those moments where we are like, how do we find that motivation and how do we keep them going when there’s just so much doubt going on in the world?”

But it is however allowing the younger team members to better prepare…the competition is now set for the end of April.

“It’s going to help us more than anything just because six months ago with us having such a new team and so many freshmen, I was skeptical if we would actually be ready by January, just because we had so many new people” said Senior cheerleader, Tyler Easterling.

Giving them the push they need to succeed.

I think that especially with this time extension that they’re going to have more time to build up their confidence” added Easterling.

And it gives the senior cheerleaders one last shot at winning a championship ring.

“That is what keeps everyone motivated because we want to be able to make history and do something that Eastern cheers never really done before” said senior cheerleader, Mariah Polly.

Teams have the option to compete virtually this year as well…but EKU plans to make the trip.

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