Dunbar basketball parent selling t-shirts to help Ifeacho family

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) –  The Dunbar Boys Basketball team is raising money this week for the family of Star Ifeacho, a player who died last month. One of the team moms has organized a t-shirt sale that became so popular within 12 hours, it is now open to the entire community.

Star Ifeacho was not much of a baseball player. He was more into basketball, but you will find some of his best friends on the baseball diamond. They say they want to continue showing support for Star’s family, even after his funeral. That is where t-shirts come into play.

It seems strange the sport of baseball would help best friends find peace after the death of their basketball teammate, but the sport has been a way to cope.

“He’s always with us when we’re playing,” best friend, Cameron Boughman, said while showing a sweatband with a star on it.

“I saw eight kids grow up last week. They had to,” Kristie Clark, Star’s long time basketball Mom, said.

Those kids had to grow up after burying their best friend Dunbar sophomore Star Ifeacho. Star’s coach says he collapsed and died at the end of April after playing basketball.

“It’s been really hard. Really hard,” best friend, Jared Gadd, said.

That is why Kristie Clark called on her friend Tim Seeberger of Title Town Designs to create a t-shirt.

“I like it because Star…the A in star. He was our shining star too,” Gadd said.

At first, Seeberger just donated the t-shirts to the basketball team. Then, Clark decided to sell more to the Beaumont and Dunbar families, but word spread quickly.

“We did not know that the whole city of Lexington was going to want them, but that’s awesome,” Clark said.

Even after a successful Go Fund Me campaign, Clark hopes t-shirt sales will make enough to send Star’s big brother and mother to her home country of Nigeria, or at least to take away some stress.

“She’s been through a lot and if we can release some burden from her that’s what we want to do,” Clark said.

Shirts are going for $10 through May 13th. If you are interested in learning more, you can do so here.


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