Dozens strike in Lexington on International Women’s Day

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Dozens of women and men gathered in front of the courthouse in downtown Lexington to rally for women’s and equal rights.
Protesters of all ages stood on the corner of Main Street and Limestone for hours Wednesday afternoon waiving signs and chanting as cars passed by honking in support.

The strike was in association with the nationwide protest called a “Day Without a Woman” where women of all backgrounds called the day off work to show the impact women have on the economy and call for equal pay and job security.

“I’m tired of seeing hate against women and people being like oh you know we’re men, we’re stronger than women. No, we’re coming back and we’re coming back strong,” said Cheyenne Abney, a protester.

In addition to taking the day off work, protesters also refrained from shopping and wore red in solidarity.

“That’s were the change happens. It’s not necessarily you know changing things on a large scale. You have to start at home and you have to start with saying no that rape joke isn’t funny and you’re not allowed to talk about women that way. I think that’s where it starts,” said Amelia Gian Carlo, a protester.

But it wasn’t just women participating in the rally several men also showed their support.

“It shouldn’t just be men symbolizing anything, it should be everyone coming out. You know men, women, the handi-capable. Everyone should come out in support of this movement because this is a movement that’s keeping people from losing their rights or at least slowing that process,” said John Soto, a protester.

Protesters say the goal of the strike was to make their voices heard and try and inspire others to speak out as well.

“We’re hoping that part of what we do is inspire people who come by and give them hope that we’re not just going to fold up and go away and be overtaken by an aggressive and unreasonable approach to public policy that we’re seeing today,” said Linda Connolly, an organizer of the strike.

The group that organized this rally has already planned another protest… Scheduled for march 25th from two to three-thirty p-m… To rally in opposition to oppression and what they say is a divisive government agenda.

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