Dozens head to Washington D.C. for Poor People’s Campaign Rally

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Dozens of people are hopping on buses Friday night, to drive to Washington D.C. for Saturday’s Poor People’s Campaign rally.

After protesting at Kentucky’s capitol every Monday for the past six weeks, dozens of people with Kentucky’s Poor People’s Campaign are heading to Washington D.C. to participate in a national rally for moral revival.

“Thousands of persons from around the country, at least, we’ll be joined by at least 30-35 other states,” said Rev. Don Gillett, a co-chair of Kentucky’s Poor People’s Campaign.

Some of the leaders of Kentucky’s chapter of the campaign are already in Washington taking part in a week-long demonstration on the national mall.

“So we have been organizing and just sharing stories with people across the nation,” said Tayna Fogle, a co-chair with Kentucky’s Poor People’s Campaign.

Saturday’s rally is the culmination of a 40 day non-violent action campaign calling for the end of systemic racism, poverty and several other issues.

The national campaign brought attention to Kentucky after protesters weren’t allowed, as a group, to go into the state capitol building in Frankfort.

“With the governor or state police instituting some immoral, the poor people’s campaign can only go in two by two but everybody else can go in in any number,” said Rev. Gillett.

Kentucky State Police released a statement saying troopers were acting in accordance to crowd control training and that KSP works daily to safeguard people’s rights including the first amendment.

But protesters going to Washington on Saturday say the fight to get into the capitol building to peacefully protest will not end anytime soon.

“Until we are heard and until our legislators address the poverty, the racism, the militarism and the ecological devastation we will continue to march and we will continue to have events,” said Rev. Gillett.

The rally in Washington is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. Saturday.

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