Downtown Thriller Parade draws thousands of people

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington’s biggest Halloween party took place downtown and the thriller parade was a crowd pleaser for the thousands of people who came out to celebrate.

The annual event is well known across the nation and has become a local must-see.

There are people of all ages and even some dogs dressed up and of course, there was the Michael Jackson classic.

According to organizers, new to the parade this year is a monster mash flash mob.

There were groovy ghouls, whirling werewolves marching mummies, food trucks and vendors.

Curtis Hensel said one of his favorite parts is creating his costume.

“This is my original character Clawsus, he’s just an original character from a project me and some good friends are working on. Hoping to complete a story and throw all these characters into it,” Hensel said.

He said he spent the day walking around on buckets to be taller for his character and he says his costume wasn’t as expensive as it might seem because most of it is made out of styrofoam.

“I’ve been making costumes for about six years and this is the first time I’ve been down and I’m loving it,” Hensel said.

He said if you didn’t get to dress up or even make it out to the parade, it’s not too late to celebrate Halloween.

“Start anywhere, there’s no bad costuming and it’s a blast,” Hensel said.

The celebrations have been taking place all weekend but it’s all just a pre-party before actual Halloween this Thursday.

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