Donations going to families in need after flooding

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – As people in flood-stricken eastern Kentucky wait for help from the federal government, so many nonprofits and volunteers from across the country are offering aid.

“One of the way that we can love our neighbors in this time is by providing supplies to help with the disaster relief efforts to get people back in their homes,” Church Administrator Jon Canler said.

Ashland Avenue Baptist Church started “Flooded with Hope” to give just that, hope to those dealing with flooding in their homes.

“With folks certainly struggling in so many ways as a result to the coronavirus pandemic and now these natural disasters, we just hope this lifts them up and this encourages them. Let’s them know that people in Kentucky love them and care about them as they go through these trials and these difficult days,” Canler said.

The church donated about 50 cases of bleach, 50 cases of water, mops, buckets and other cleaning supplies to the Christian Appalachian Project.

The organization says without these kinds of donations, many families would be left with no solution.

“These kinds of donations really are lifesaving for these families,” Director of Communications Tina Bryson said.

The Christian Appalachian Project has a disaster relief team that jumps into action, on the ground of areas impacted. They assess the damage and help clean up.

“These families really have been devastated. We’ve seen houses where you have an inch of river mud from one side of the house to the other and so having these items. They may seem like common things but just Clorox and buckets and mops will help clean off the muck so that you can begin to assess the repairs that are needed to your home,” Bryson said.

She said they also connect families with people that can help with home repair after the damage is done.

Ashland Avenue Baptist Church plans to continue donating up until April 1st, and the Christian Appalachian Project is looking for volunteers who want to help.

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