Donation wave hits non-profit thrift stores in Lexington

LEXINGTON, KY (WTVQ)- A donation wave is hitting Goodwill and several non-profit thrift stores around Lexington.

With so many families stuck at home the past three months, there’s been plenty of time for spring cleaning. With it comes a ton of donated items to thrift stores with some back rooms stacked to the ceiling.

“We are doing the best we can to keep up with everything. We have got a huge influx of donations” said Amber McBride, Goodwill senior store manager.

It’s been nearly three weeks since Goodwill reopened. Several workers remain in the back doing all they can to help get those donations out on the racks.

McBride said a big reason why donations are so high is because they asked people to hold off from donating while they were closed.

“A lot of them did. A lot of them held onto their donations,” said McBride. “They’ve been bring them to us, so they’ve been cleaning out for a few months. We’re gladly accepting everything that they have.”

According to McBride, Goodwill is doing extensive cleaning on each item to make sure they’re properly sanitized once they reach a customer. They are also performing extensive cleaning throughout the day at the front of the store. Workers are required to have masks and have their temperature checked each day.

“We’re going the extra mile on the small things that people wouldn’t think about. You just grabbed a pen that someone else has used. We’re going the extra mile and making sure that we’re wiping those pens down, just making sure that everyone is staying safe,” said McBride.

By promoting a safe place to shop, McBride hopes costumers can help them clear off some of the racks, so they get more of the donations out.

“We have had some amazing times with our customers,” said McBride. “They are really, really helping us out.”

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