Dog rescue is looking for foster parents

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A dog rescue group in Central Kentucky that doesn’t have a shelter needs foster parents.

The Bluegrass Bully Rescue was founded just over a year ago the organization needs fosters now more than ever.

Buddy is one of many dogs currently being fostered from the Bluegrass Bully Rescue. But organization gets nearly 20 calls a day to accept more animals. Jeanna Right is one of the volunteers for the organization she says, “We need someone to open their home to let the dog stay there until they’re adopted.”

The Bluegrass Bully Rescue currently has 16 dogs looking for their forever homes and are living with fosters. Right says it’s a big responsibility but can serve a dual purpose.

“If someone doesn’t have a dog, that’s a perfect place. If you’re thinking about getting a dog this is a great trial period for you.”

Foster parents have a delicate emotional balance, loving the dogs like their own, but knowing at some point they’ll have to give them up.

“Sometimes fosters cry when their dogs leave because they get so attached to them while they’re there. But then they’re just opening a place for another foster so you’re opening your place to save another life.”

Right has six dogs of her own, many of them were rescues. For her, the work with the Bluegrass Bully Rescue is personal.

“Seeing these dogs being pulled out of abusive situations and getting put into good loving homes really makes it all worth it. Rescue is hard because you see dogs being treated like no one should ever be treated.”

For more information about the Bluegrass Bully Rescue click here.

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