Dog Receives Stem Cell Treatment For Ailment

A Nicholasville veterinary clinic performed a treatment to help a service dog Wednesday…involving stem cells.

MediVet America performed the procedure–called Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Therapy–to treat Booster, a service dog.

But it’s not stem cell therapy in the way people might think of–vets take fat from animals like Booster, separate the stem cells from the fat, then activate and inject the cells into the affected area.

In other words, the only stem cells used belong to the animal itself.

Booster, who traveled to Nicholasville from Mississippi with his owner, Davis, had degenerative joint disease in both of his hips.

The procedure was used to relieve the disease, and allow Booster to perform his service dog duties as normal.

This kind of stem cell therapy costs around $1800, and lasts about 18 months.

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