Disabled opossum proves nothing is ‘Im-Possum-able!’: WATCH

Learns to Walk Again in Custom Wheelchair

LONDON, Ky. (WTVQ) – An 18-month-old opossum, Kewpie, was born with genetic defects known as a dwarf, snub-nosed opossum. With one back leg shorter than the other and scoliosis in his spine, Kewpie cannot survive in theKewpies First Time In His Wheelchair wild and has called the Wilderness Trail Wildlife Center home since he was a baby.

All the kids love him, and he is the undisputed star of their educational presentations.

Kewpie’s caretakers knew that he was likely to develop additional health problems as he got older due to his condition. And believe it or not, even though he’s not quite 2, Kewpie is moving into his senior years.

Rescue founder Tonya Poindexter was devastated when suddenly, Kewpie could no longer support his weight on his back legs and dragged his back legs behind him.

After a harrowing visit to the veterinarian, Kewpie was diagnosed with osteoporosis in his left leg and hip bone. A painful condition that would make mobility a real challenge for the little opossum, the wildlife sanctuary knew that to get Kewpie up and walking, he would need a wheelchair.

This isn’t the first time an animal in their care needed a set of wheels; years previously, a baby fawn named Clarice used a wheelchair as part of her rehabilitation too!

VIDEO: Kewpie’s First TIme in His New Wheelchair

The Wilderness Trail Wildlife Center quickly reached out to Walkin’ Pets, a pet mobility company in New Hampshire that they had worked with before.

The Walkin’ Pets team had never built a wheelchair for an opossum before and was excited to help, offering to donate the tiny custom-made cart.  Kewpie is built low to the ground like all opossums, so his wheelchair was customized just for him. The first-ever Walkin’ Wheels opossum wheelchair provides Kewpie with the support he needs to stand up and walk on his own.

According to wildlife center founder Tonya Poindexter, Kewpie is adjusting well to a life on wheels, “Kewpie is still learning how his new wheels work for him. He seems to be figuring out it’s easier than dragging himself across the floor, and he’s a ‘Mr. Independent’ so holding him and carrying him is alright to him a little, but he likes to go on his own adventures. He still has a lot to figure out about his new transportation, but he seems to already be getting the hang of it. He knows that he can get to places much faster and without as much effort.” With his new opossum wheelchair, Kewpie can explore entirely on his own as he works to build up his leg strength. Tonya says that with his new wheelchair Kewpie, “has his dignity again, he’s still learning, but he’s so happy!”

VIDEO: Tonya Poindexter shares Kewpie’s Rescue Story

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