Digging out Lexington

Shoveling is a necessary chore but it can be dangerous.

The fire department says each shovel filled with show could weigh up to 25 pounds which can cause injury if the proper form isn’t used.

“It’s good to get out and shovel but take precautions when shoveling,” said Major Lee Hayden with the Lexington Fire Department.

Shoveling Tips:
•Dress Appropriately: wear light, water repellent clothes and boots with traction
•Stretch before Shoveling
•Use a shovel that’s the right size, the fire department says curved shovels work best
•Push the show instead of lifting it
•Stay hydrated
•Shovel a little at a time.
•Take breaks
•Check with a doctor before doing any shoveling

“These are very important things because we don’t want you to get hurt,” said Major Hayden. “We understand that you need to get out and clear your driveway, your sidewalks, things like that, but at the same time we don’t want you out there putting yourself in harm’s way.”

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