Detectives testify in 2 high-profile Lexington murder cases

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – We’re learning more about two high profile Lexington murder cases after detectives testified in court against those accused of the killings.

Jonathan Krueger, 22, was a University of Kentucky student that was gunned down on April 17th according to police and officer say Salahuddin Jitmoud’s neck was cut April 19th while he was making pizza deliveries.

Detective testimony tells us Krueger tried to defend himself from his attackers just moments before he was killed and that one of the men accused of killing Jitmoud also allegedly threatened witnesses.

Case against Salahuddid Jitmoud’s accused killers:

Jitmoud was found dead in an apartment complex Breezeway on Trent Circle according to police.

Antonio Lewis and Cameron McClellan are accused of his robbery and murder.

Detectives say they have two witnesses that saw Lewis and McClellan in the breezeway where Jitmoud was found dead.
According to a detective’s testimony, a witness says they saw Lewis standing over the victim with a knife in his hands and claims Lewis said, “don’t say anything or you’ll be next.”

Detectives say McClellan was in the breezeway where Jitmoud was found dead. They say McClellan told police that Lewis asked him to be the lookout.

Lewis denies any involvement in the homicide, according to detectives.

Case against Jonathan Krueger’s accused killers:

Moments before the shooting death of Krueger, police say there was a struggle with the alleged attackers.

Justin Smith, Efrain Diaz and an unnamed minor, 17, are accused of the robbery and murder.

Detectives say Smith and Diaz admit they were there but say they didn’t pull the trigger.

Smith and Diaz both told police that night they were driving around with people looking for someone to rob.
Police say Krueger and Gillette were walking down Maxwell when a group of men hopped out of a van and robbed them at gunpoint.

According to detectives, the men demanded more and that’s when Krueger and Gillette tried to defend themselves by attempting to get the guns away from their attackers.

Detectives say Smith and Diaz admit they were there but they say they didn’t pull the trigger. They both say the minor was the one who shot and killed Krueger.

A judge says there is enough evidence to send both cases to a grand jury.

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