Derby Day At Keeneland

Ladies in hats, drinking mint julep and betting on horses at Keeneland.  It doesn’t get more Kentucky–or derby than that.

It’s Kentucky’s biggest betting day of the year.  Keeneland saw $1.8 million in Derby bets.

"When you live in Kentucky, you make a big deal of Derby Day.  It’s fun," said Lisa Johnson.  "Fun to be with friends."

Friends like Jana Noakes.  They’ve been best friends for 23 years.  They’ve given advice on what hat to wear for about 10.

"She told me to wear it," laughed Noakes.

For some, the derby hat is deep rooted in southern tradition.

"It’s special in our family because my grandmother used to make hats," said Denise Harper.

For others, family advice comes in the form of wagers.

"My dad helps me out a lot," said Joe Cowley "He comes out here all the time."

If someone in your family doesn’t make it out to the races every weekend, betologists can give tips to make race fans feel more comfortable.

Linda Baker took that help and placed her bet on Dance With Fate.  "It’s my favorite," said Baker.

California Chrome actually claimed first place in the Derby.  Not everyone could walk away a winner, even with the help of an expert.

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