Dept. of Fish and Wildlife: don’t travel with big game carcasses

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – With open season around the corner, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources says it is reminding hunters not to bring large carcasses from out of state into Kentucky to prevent disease.

The department say this ban prohibits anyone from bringing whole carcasses of deer, elk, caribou or moose into the state.

According to department, the ban is an effort to protect the state’s deer and elk herds from chronic wasting disease.

Authorities say it is a fatal neurological disease with no known cure that affects these commonly-hunted animals.

So far, officials say the disease has not been detected in Kentucky. They say the movement of deer is a leading cause for the spread of the disease.

The department says hunters can bring their big game harvests back to Kentucky if they prepare them properly.

They say one option is cutting a deer carcass into quarters and leaving the head and spine, which are parts that carry the disease.

Officials says de-boning the meat for travel is the best option.

For more information regarding regulations, click here.

The department asks anyone who sees someone crossing state lines with a big game carcass to call (1-800) 252-5378.

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