Delivery Co-op application supports delivery drivers and local restaurants

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Delivery drivers here in Fayette County are deleting uber and doordash apps and downloading deliver co-op.

The food delivery app gives drivers guaranteed pay and benefits and supports local restaurants.

While dashing for door dash, Holly Yessan noticed she wasn’t making a lot of money because orders aren’t guaranteed.

She then decided to downloaded Delivery Co-op.

Unlike third party delivery services like doordash and uber, drivers can deliver full time with benefits.

App creator Aaron Withers says delivery takes up to 30 percent of sales for some businesses, which is the entire profit they’d make on an order.

On his app, restaurants are charged 300 a month and in return they get 100 percent of the sales from orders

Subscribers or customers are charged 25 dollars a month and get in exchange free delivery with no fees.

Drivers like Yessan says the app is very user friendly and gets your food to you more efficiently.

“On the app you can communicate not only with the business but also the driver but also with Aaron. So if you are having any issues its right there and you can talk to everybody involved whereas with door dash you might have to call someone who’s not even aware of whats going on”.

If you’d like to subscribe and help out local restaurants and drivers, you can click the link here

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