DAY 2: Trial for accused murderer of Woodford Co. 6-year-old

UPDATE: (03/06/18) – The trial for accused child murderer Ronald Exantus is in day two.

On Monday, family members of 6-year-old Logan Tipton took the stand, with the man accused of killing their loved one, in the same room.

Tuesday, the jury convened again, hearing first from two Versailles police officers who responded to the scene on the night of Logan’s murder. Then from their third witness, a detective who was also called to the scene.

That detective used his time on the stand to describe photos from the scene, including pictures of the bedroom where the stabbing happened, describing the room as “soaked in blood with footprints on the carpet.”

The detective also identified the knife used to kill Logan, as well as the knife used to injure Logan’s sisters. The detective says one of the Tipton sisters took the murder weapon out of the bedroom and placed it downstairs in the kitchen, away from Exantus.

Prosecutors then played video from the detective’s first interview with Exantus.

For a full break-down of what the video shows, follow ABC 36’s Kelsi Thorud on Twitter @KelsiThorud. She is in the courtroom and has all the details.


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- The Ronald Exantus trial is underway in Lexington.

His lawyers admit Exantus fatally stabbed six-year-old Logan Tipton in Versailles in 2015 but they want the jury to understand why they say it happened.

Exantus is accused of driving from his home in Indianapolis, choosing a home at random in Versailles, breaking-in, getting a knife in the kitchen, going upstairs and stabbing the child to death while he slept.

The trial was moved to Lexington due to publicity.

It was an emotional day at the courthouse as Logan Tipton’s family took the stand for the first time describing in detail the events that lead up to his murder while the man accused of killing Tipton sat in silence just feet away.

Tense moments in the courtroom Monday as Dean Tipton, Logan’s father, took the stand describing what happened after his kids woke him up in a panic in the middle of the night in December of 2015.

“I hustled up to the top of the stairs and when I get to the top of the stairs he’s standing there and he’s coming down with a knife to try to stab me,” said Tipton.

Tipton says he fought with Exantus for what felt like a lifetime before police showed up and arrested Exantus and that’s when Tipton said he realized Logan was hurt.

“And it wasn’t ten seconds later he looked up at me and closed his eyes and that was it. He died in my arms,” said Tipton.

During opening statements, Exantus’ attorney’s did not deny their client killed Logan Tipton but say it was due to a psychotic break and are arguing Exantus is not guilty by reason of insanity.

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