Date night at Waffle House?

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – When you think of Valentine’s Day, what do you think of? Flowers? Candlelight? What about Waffle House?

For the holiday, many people tend to eat at fancy, expensive sit-down restaurants with their loved ones, but some people in Richmond decided to take a different route.

“Where else can you be romantic and get scattered, smothered and covered,” said Waffle House Manager Gail Depew.

Sound tempting? Waffle House may not be the first restaurant you would pick, but for several people, it’s just right.

“We could go to a fancy restaurant any time but to celebrate valentines at a fancy restaurant, there’s not anything different about it,” said Cindy Yacek. “It’s the same restaurant. It may have something different on the menu but there’s just not this celebratory atmosphere like there is here.”

People say the laid back atmosphere takes some of the unnecessary stress off the holiday.

“It kind of condenses Valentines Day back down into being what it should be at it’s core and that’s something that the couple enjoys,” said Zac Pensol.

Decorating tables and taking reservations is uncharacteristic for the restaurant, but for the employees, giving their guests an unforgettable experience is fun.

All in all, diners tell me their evening out was a reminder it’s about spending time together, not spending a lot of money.

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