Danville Police seeking input on water-bead assaults

DANVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – What some call a fun game is turning into something far different for pedestrians in Danville.

And police want to do something about it but need the community’s help.

Police say two different sets of people have been driving through town in two separate cars shooting people with water bead blasters, guns that are much like paint-ball guns but shoot pellets filled with water. The guns shoot as many as eight balls a second for up to 200 feet.

That’s enough power to cause painful welts on victims.

The guns are meant to use on targets, not people.

Police think it’s serious enough to charge the people involved with misdemeanor assault.

Officers say they pulled a car over with some of the people they think are involved and were able to seize three of the blasters, which are easy to buy on amazon,.

People who think they have been a victim should call Danville Police to help build a case.

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