Danville man arrested after reportedly pointing taser at officers during chase

DANVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ)- A Danville man faces a long list of charges after reportedly leading police on a chase and pointing a taser at officers.

Danville Police say on Sunday around 4:40 p.m., Sergeant Chase Broach saw 29-year-old Christopher Lee Harlan driving a car on Holiday Drive.

Broach recognized Harlan because he had several arrest warrants.

Broach tried to stop Harlan, whom police say pulled into a driveway and got out of the car.

Broach says he got out of his cruiser and ordered Harlan to stop, telling him, by name, he was under arrest.

Harlan reportedly ran, but fell then tried to get up while reaching for his waist band.

That prompted Broach to use his taser.

The taser worked, but Broach says Harlan kept resisting and escaped custody.

Broach kept chasing Harlan towards Comp Care on High Street, eventually using his taser again in the tree line between Swope Drive and the Comp Care parking lot.

The taser worked again, but Broach says Harlan started struggling again and got control of the taser.

Broach used his pepper spray.

According to police, Harlan pointed the taser at Broach, pulled the trigger, and ran, but the taser didn’t work because all the cartridges had been used.

More officers arrived. Danville Police Officer Keith Addison caught up with Harlan and ordered him to stop as he ran around the East side of the Comp Care building.

Police say Harlan pointed the taser at Addison and used his other hand to reach toward his waistband, behind his back.

According to police, several officers confronted him and Harlan put the weapon to his side and officers grabbed him. Officers say he still fought and escaped, but they were finally able to get him in handcuffs and into custody.

Boyle county EMS checked him out and Danville City Fire decontaminated him since he was exposed to pepper spray, but police say he wasn’t hurt. No officers were hurt either.

Harlan is in the Boyle County Detention Center, facing the following charges:


1) Operating on Suspended/Revoked License

2) Fleeing/Evading Police 1st degree (on foot)

3) Resisting Arrest

4) Disarming Peace Officer

5) Receiving Stolen Property Under over $500

6) Wanton Endangerment 2nd degree (Police Officer) 2 counts

7) Disorderly Conduct 2nd degree

8) Multiple Warrants of Arrest

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