Cynthiana restaurant burns, employees still have jobs

CYNTHIANA, Ky. (WTVQ) – A devastating fire burned Paula’s Family Restaurant Sunday evening, but the people who worked there still have jobs.

Smoke from the downtown fire could be seen for miles as the restaurant burned. It’s a loss for the entire community.

“It’s always heart-wrenching when anybody loses anything,” said Cynthiana Fire Chief Jay Sanders.

The fire hit close to home for the Cynthiana Fire Department. Their station is right across the street, and Chief Sanders says they visited pretty often. But now, it’s gone.

“It’s kind of surreal when you walk down by there now looking at a building that you’ve seen, some days you didn’t even see it when you walk by because you’ve got something on your mind,” said Sanders. “Now you look at this building and you think there’s a piece of history that we’ll never see again.”

Now that Paula’s is closed, employees would typically be out of a job, but instead, just down the road, they have new jobs at Trindy’s.

The restaurant announced on Facebook that it will be hiring all of Paula’s employees and opening for breakfast, making sure everyone can still make some money.

Owners were too busy serving customers to talk Wednesday evening, but Chief Sanders says this is representative of the city’s community.

“Cynthiana is a family,” said Sanders. “It is a community that takes care of each other and we reach out to each other in our time of need.”


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