Cynthiana experiences historic level flooding, many still remember ’97 flood

CYNTHIANA, Ky. (WTVQ) – It’s been 23 years since the last historic flood in Cynthiana.

A time many still remember vividly.

For Joe Joe Hinton that memory giving him a sense of urgency.

“We always want to take it seriously who wants to be at the funeral home when we don’t have to be,” Hinton said.

Joe Joe Hinton lives in an area safe from flooding, but not his 90-year-old grandma.

“She stays at home by herself, she’s in good health. Floods come up, water, she don’t need to be trying to fight that water,” he said.

So, he came to her house to help her pack up and move to his home for the night.

Alice Allen also remembers the flood of ’97. She even pulled out an old copy of Grace Magazine depicting the damage.

One of the photos even shows her house from above, the photo showing just a roof surrounded by water.

“And I stepped off my porch into water and by the time I got to the army truck, water was here,” she said as she references her neck.

And, after barely making it out last time, this time still, she’s holding out.

“I know but, I’m holding tight, holding tight,” Allen said.

Regardless of the exact amount of water, Hinton says one of the hardest parts about a flood is it’s out of your control.

“None of us are millionaires we work hard for what we have and then floods come. You’ll lose some things,” he said.

But more important than things?

“A life is something you can’t replace so just getting up and getting everybody out,” Hinton said.

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