Cynthiana-based company makes personal protective equipment

HARRISON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) — During this pandemic, the only thing in greater demand than personal protective equipment is a cure.

One of the leading PPE manufacturers is in Harrison County where Kentucky recorded its first COVID-19 case.

Bullard is a leading manufacturer working around the clock to meet an urgent global demand.

PPE is a term we’ve heard a lot during this pandemic. It stands for personal protective equipment, like helmets, masks, face shields, respiratory protection.

“We have increased our capacity at least five times right now with regard to our powered air purifying respirator production capabilities,” says Wells Bullard, CEO and president of Bullard, a family-owned business.

Those respirators are in high demand. They’re a key piece of safety equipment used by researchers and health care workers on the front lines of the outbreak.

“For them to treat them with confidence and to treat them while still protecting themselves so that they can go ahead and protect others we understand. We feel that burden and responsibility very strongly,” says Bullard.

Tthe plant, with 236 employees, is also ramping-up production for its face shields.

“We have a lot of workers who are getting cross-trained in both powered air purifying respirators and face shields to try and meet the demand,” says Bullard.

But they’re also working hard to protect themselves and their families from the virus, while dealing with the added stress at work.

“We’ve got employee assistance programs and we’ve tried to make sure people are aware of all the resources at their disposal from Bullard,” says Bullard.

The workers know how critically important their job is, especially now.

“We always take is very seriously that what we do is the difference between life and death for our customers and right now during COVID-19 that need has expanded beyond the general scope,” says Bullard.

And though the demand is great, Bullard is confident it can be met.

“We are set very well to be able to operate through this as long as we stay focused on keeping our employees as healthy and safe as possible,” says Bullard.


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