Crime-filled Weekend In Lexington

Beyond three shootings over the past weekend there was a lot of violent crime in Lexington as well.

On Saturday night police say a robber broke into an apartment on State Street and hit one of the victims in the head with a hammer.

Saturday morning someone robbed a Chase Bank on Clays Mill Road.

Police said on Monday there was a drive-by shooting around 2 a.m. On the 1800 block of Hisle Way.  No one was hit, but three people were home.

Early Monday morning, someone beat a man and stole his wallet, according to police.  That happened in the 3100 block of Yellowstone Parkway. 

A neighbor there says, he does not feel safe. 

"since we have lived at this house, we’ve had cops at gunpoint right in front of the house.  It seems like it’s every weekend," said David Thomas.  "everybody really needs to realize if  it comes down to it you’ve going to have to protect yourself.  I keep my dog and gun."

At least one key crime category is not on the rise in Lexington.  A police spokesperson said there have been nine homicides this year so far, which was the same number at this point last year.

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