UPDATE: Diver who drowned once hailed as hero for saving family from fire

Story update from July 16, 2021:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP/WTVQ) — Kentucky officials on Friday identified a diver who drowned while inspecting pipes in the Ohio River at an LG&E power plant a day earlier.

Nineteen-year-old Jaxxyn Lee Wood, of Owensboro, died at 1:03 p.m. on Thursday, according to a news release from the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office. That’s when emergency officials said they were called after Wood’s onshore support lost contact with him. He had been inspecting one of the intake pipes and screens.

The accident occurred at LG&E’s Mill Creek Generation Station in southwestern Louisville. That’s the utility’s largest coal-fired power plant, according to the company.

Jaxxyn Wood made news headlines in 2013 when as a 12-year old, he was hailed as a hero for getting his eight family members out of a burning house in Danville, Kentucky.

The Danville Fire Department said at the time, the family may have not made it out alive had it not been for Wood.  The ABC 36 News account at the time said Wood was up late playing video games when he smelled something burning in the house.  He discovered a kitchen appliance was on fire.  He tried putting the fire out before running upstairs to wake and rescue his family from the smoke and flames.

To read the original story from December 2013, click here.


Original story below from July 15, 2021:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Emergency crews are searching for a missing diver in the Ohio River who was working near a Louisville power plant.

The diver was working at the LG&E Mill Creek Station in southwestern Louisville.

Officials said they were called around 1 p.m. Thursday after a diver working at the plant was involved in an accident, according to media reports.

The diver was working for a contract company, LG&E said. According to the company, the diver was inspecting one of the intakes and screens when he lost contact with a worker on the shore.

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