Crab Orchard Boil Advisories Leave Some High And Dry

People in Crab Orchard have been under a boil water advisory off and on for two months.

The Crab Tree Water Department said it’s because of construction on a new water main line. As they’re digging the new line, workers keep hitting the old one.

Sharon Roberts owns the Past Time Café in Crab Orchard. She said her restaurant is feeling the pressure from the boil water advisories.

“It’s quite a bit of extra stress,” Roberts said. “And extra income going out to purchase the can pop.”

Roberts buys cases of pop and water at the Dollar Store three or four times a week. She said they cannot serve fountain pop, but can still make their own coffee and tea.

To wash dishes, they have to boil all of the water they use. Roberts said they use a lot of plastic and paper dishes instead.

“You know I don’t make that much to begin with,” Roberts said. “So having to purchase these extra supplies is eating into what little supplies I have to begin with.”

Harry Helton and his family ate at the Past Time Café tonight. Helton said they have been under a water boil advisory for about two months.

“When you don’t have water, it’s pretty rough,” Helton said.

But the family added that they will put up with the inconveniences because it’s worth it in the end.

“That’s ok because we’re getting a new water line,” he said.

But until the water line is finished, Roberts said she will just have to be patient.

“There’s nothing I can do about it. When they call to say you’re under it, then you’re under it. So there’s nothing you can do, and I can’t afford to close the doors. Because every day keeps me open.”

The water department said they have about 5 miles of the new water main line complete. And that it will take about 6 months to finish the rest.

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