COVID surge continues at Eastern Kentucky prison, down at Northpoint

WEST LIBERTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – The containment of COVID cases at some state prisons and spread at others continues.

The numbers at the Northpoint Training Center in Boyle County suggest the state’s steps to get the outbreak under control slowly are succeeding.

A prison that at one time at 700 active cases — about half its inmate population — is now down to 25 active inmate cases and 16 active staff cases. It has had a total of 896 cases among inmates and 93 among staff members.

The cases include four inmate deaths and one staff death, according to the latest Department of Corrections numbers.

Meanwhile, the outbreak at the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Center in West Liberty is exploding.

The state reports 929 active cases out of 1,938 inmates and 80 active staff cases. The prison has had a total of 934 inmate cases, meaning five have recovered, and 142 staff cases, meaning 62 have recovered.

The prison employs 359 staff, according to the state.

No staff or inmate deaths have been reported there.

Numbers at two Central Kentucky prisons also remain high.

The Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in LaGrange reports 612 active inmate cases and 43 active staff cases. Among staff, 15 additional workers have recovered.

At the Roederer Correctional Center in LaGrange, 1523 active inmate cases remain while 448 have recovered. Another 24 active cases continue among staff while 39 have recovered.

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